Allow me to introduce a new way of doing things.

Well, here we are with my first blog post.  There will be at least a few others, if only because I have a few topics I want to address very, very soon.  But I don't want this blog to just fade away.  I’d like to have a weekly posting, if not more.  There are so many websites, many of them different types of clinics, that have blogs I've visited over the last several months while I was planning the re-launching of our website.  I can't tell you how many of these blogs had postings that were YEARS old.  It means that the writer(s) of the blog no longer felt that it was worth it, and the blog couldn't go on any longer.  I suppose their message was not being successfully placed, or in some way it just wasn't worth doing anymore.  I do not want that to be this blog.  Time will tell.

If you had been to my old website (and according to the metrics you probably had not), you will notice a stark difference.  The fabric of this website is much richer and colorful and textured, but more importantly there is content.  I want patients to learn about their conditions prior to seeing me, or have a chance to freshen up on some things if they need to.  Education is a big part of this website, in addition to the standard fare you will find with other clinic websites.    I hope this blog will allow me to keep people up-to-date on the latest allergy, asthma and immunology topics, and more broadly health in general.

In reality, the re-launch of this website corresponds with the re-launch and re-focusing of the clinic itself.   If you are an established patient of mine already, I think you will find the changes, or the upcoming changes (depending on when you're reading this), refreshing.  If you are a prospective patient of mine, I want to directly tell you something.  I don't know as I write this if I can accomplish it – time will tell; but I want this clinic to be fundamentally different from almost every clinic you have ever been to.  I want you to have easy access to my staff and to myself.  I want your questions answered and concerns addressed promptly.  And I want you to feel empowered by what you learn from us - to take charge of your disease and to feel confident that you’ve got this, and you're going to feel better. 

Welcome to The new Center for Allergy & Immunology.