A brief take on antibiotics

Don't get me wrong, antibiotics are important and life saving medications.  Modern medicine is nothing without the development and advancement of antimicrobial drugs.  But antibiotics are not a "no brainer."  Modern science is just scratching the surface of what the gut microbiome is.  We know antibiotics can really mess with this population of bacteria, and it can take a lot of time to recover.  Alterations in the gut microbiome have been implicated in the development of allergic disease as well as autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and potentially cancer.  The alteration of the microbiome because of antibiotic use in my mind is so important that I think we now have two reasons to be extra-judicious in the use of antibiotics (the other reason is to avoid fostering further resistance of disease-causing bacteria).  I can tell you that I prefer not to treat ear infections with antibiotics if possible (and Scandinavia has been doing this for quite a while).  I can also tell you that unless a person is toxic appearing or immunocompromised I am not going to treat a sinus infection with antibiotics.  A significant number of sinus infections are caused by viruses and not bacteria anyway, and the same goes for ear infections..  The next time you think you need antibiotics...take a little time and think twice, maybe you don't.